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A contract instructor will work as an instructor in training seminars organised by Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy. In order to work as an instructor, you must have a valid instructor license received from one or several training seminars organised by Koulutuskeskus.

Become an Instructor?

You can apply to be an instructor by filling out an application. Instructors are selected based on demand and experience. Most of our instructors have a full-time job elsewhere. Therefore, your main profession can be e.g. teaching, firefighting, working as a police officer, or a nurse. You are required to work on demand, but you are able to have a say in your workdays and how regularly you work.

The Minimum Requirements Are:

  • You have a valid instructor lisence from one or several training seminars organised by Koulutuskeskus
  • You can invoice for your instructor fees via your own business or an invoicing service
  • You have a car and your own training equipment
  • You are reliable, motivated, and responsible

In exchange, you have the support of our strong organisation that takes care of all training course arrangements. Thus, you as an instructor can focus on providing quality training to our wide, diverse clientele.

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