It’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stand out from their competitors only with their products, so customer experience has become the key value of many businesses. A good customer experience isn’t created by chance, it needs to be set in the business strategy and a company has to truly know the needs and expectations of their customers. In addition, enhancing customer experience requires time as well as changes to the company’s everyday functions. Customer experience isn’t just the management’s responsibility or that of the employees working at customer interface, it should be an important factor to the whole organisation and all employees must know how to act in accordance to it. A successful customer experience can create true competitive advantage which is impossible for the competitors to copy.

Target Group

Customer Experience and Sales coaching is suitable for companies that wish to make customer experience part of their strategy or need help enhancing customer experience. This coaching is suitable for the entire personnel but especially for the management and supervisors.


The content of Customer Experience and Sales coaching is always customised according to the needs of the company. This coaching looks at the way customer experience is created and what kind of customer journey map makes up the company’s customer journey. In addition, the coaching reflects the clientele of the company, what do the customers value and what are their buying processes like. The coaching may also focus on the company’s customer journey and look at what possible gaps and uphills there are on the map. If needed, the coaching reviews what kind of new customer map should be formed or how the old one should be modified. Other possible themes for the coaching are: building customer relationships and enhancing customer loyalty, finding new customers, increasing customer understanding and customer needs understanding, or customer-based product and service development.