Register Title

Customer Data Register

Applicable Legislation

Personal Data Act (523/99)

Data Controller

Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy
c/o Helsinki Bay Eteläranta 14
00130 Helsinki

Contact Person

Toni Kolis

The Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Personal data is saved and processed in order to provide Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy’s training services under a contract relationship with the customers of Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy. Personal data is processed to comply with legal and authority-related obligations as well as to improve the quality of services provided by Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy.

Register Data Content

The following information on a registered person may be saved:

  • Name, personal identity code, and necessary organisational information
  • Contact information (address, telephone number, email address)
  • Customer management data received during customer service
  • Any possible telephone call recordings
  • Customer’s services and related invoicing information

Regular Data Sources

Personal data may be downloaded based on the material provided by the customer via different media.

Data Disclosure

Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy will not sell, rent, or disclose personal data to any third parties. Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy may be obliged to disclose personal data if so required by applicable law or regulation or requested by judicial authority or administrative authority.

Transfers of Data Outside the EU or the EEA

No data will be transferred outside the EU or the EEA, unless otherwise requested by the customer in writing. All data transfers outside the EU or the EEA requested by the customer are executed in compliance with the Data Protection Law of the European Union and the requirement regarding data transfer.

Data Transfer Policies

Data is transferred only by written request. A data transfer form is issued for the disclosure of data. It states the basic information of the material, to whom it is disclosed to, and when. This data transfer form is saved in customer-specific data record for a possible duty to bear witness.

Processing of digital material is supervised by recording data system events, i.e. log data, and automatic or manual supervision. In addition, log data may be used as evidence, if so required.

Data Storage and Deletion

Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy will delete personal data from its data systems after a ten-year storage period and when the customer has left Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy. After being removed from the operational data systems, the data is automatically removed from the backup copy within six months.