The purpose of First-aid Extinguishing training course is to provide adequate information on how to extinguish initial fire and therefore reduce damage caused by fire. This training course takes two hours which includes one hour of theory training and a first-aid extinguishing practice.

First-aid extinguishing stands for extinguishing fire with the equipment available. Essential aspects of first-aid extinguishing are the basic conditions for a fire as well as first-aid extinguishing equipment and procedures.
AS 1 training is carried out according to the national education model.

Target Group

First-aid Extinguishing training course is widely suitable as fire safety basic training for educational institutions, office workers, housing companies, employees in the commercial sector, and for anyone interested in fire extinguishing skills.


  • Theory Part in Indoors, 1 hr
  • Characteristics of a Fire
  • Purpose of First-aid Extinguishing
  • How to Act in Case of a Fire
  • Extinguishing Different Types of Fire with First-aid Extinguishing Equipment
  • Pragmatic Practice in Outdoors, 1 hr
  • How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • How to Use a Fire Blanket

After passing First-aid Extinguishing training course, you are issued a first-aid extinguishing card which is valid for five (5) years. First-aid extinguishing card will be sent within a few weeks after passing the training course.