First-aid Training 16 hrs is an elementary first-aid training course that focuses on the basic skills of first-aid and knowledge useful to everyone. Occupational Safety and Health Act requires maintaining first-aid readiness at the workplace, which includes appropriate supplies as well as persons with first-aid training. Those who pass First-aid Training course receive a first-aid card and a first-aid certificate, valid for three (3) years. It’s possible to receive professional competence after taking certain training courses. The duration of this training course is two days, 16 hours in total. After First-aid Training 16 hrs, it’s possible to take Advanced First-aid Training 16 hrs course to expand your knowledge and skills learned during the basic training course.

Target Group

This training course is suitable for all businesses and private persons in working every sector and wanting to learn the basic skills and knowledge of first-aid.

All our instructors are First-aid and Health Science Trainers (ETK) or Emergency First-aid Trainers (HEK), trained and approved by the Finnish Red Cross.


  • Action Taken in Case of an Accident or an Attack of Illness
  • Basics of Emergency First-aid
  • First-aid of an Unconscious Casualty
  • Basic Resuscitation
  • Foreign Object in the Airway
  • Disorder of Circulation (shock)
  • Wounds
  • Most Common Attacks of Illness
  • Burns, Scalds, and Injuries Caused by Electricity
  • Joint Injuries and Fractures
  • Poisonings