First-aid Training 8 hrs provides you with the knowledge and skills to give life-saving first-aid as well as first-aid in attacks of illness. Emergency first-aid procedures aim to secure the patient’s breathing and blood circulation and to prevent worsening of the condition until trained emergency personnel arrives. You can renew your valid EA1, EA2, or Emergency First-aid qualification during this training course. This training course is also available as a shorter, four-hour (4 hrs) training.

Target Group

This training course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to perform emergency first-aid. If you have an EA1 qualification, you can renew it during this training course for another three years. After passing this course, you will receive a training course diploma which is valid for three (3) years. It’s also possible to receive professional competence during First-aid Training 8 hrs course.

All our instructors are First-aid and Health Science Trainers (ETK) or Emergency First-aid Trainers (HEK), trained and approved by the Finnish Red Cross.


  • Action Taken in Case of an Accident or an Attack of Illness
  • Basics of Emergency First-aid
    • First-aid of an Unconscious Casualty
    • Basic Resuscitation
    • Foreign Object in the Airway
    • Disorder of Circulation (shock)
  • Wounds
  • First-aid on Most Common Attacks of Illness
  • Burns
  • Other topics/points of emphasis, when needed and depending on the group

At the workplace, this training course may also include pragmatic training according to specific needs of the working community.