A labour protection manager has to know the working conditions of the workplace and be qualified enough for their job. They have to be acquainted with labour laws and regulations.

During Labour Protection Managers’ Advanced Training course, you will learn how to recognise organisational safety as a whole and the meaning of labour protection to the structure of the organisation. You will also learn how to recognise the purpose of safety culture, the basics of safety management and organisational behaviour, and the meaning of well-being at work to the working community.

Uudenmaan Koulutuskeskus Oy organises labour protection managers’ basic and advanced training courses all over Finland.

Target Group

The target group of this training course is labour protection managers, supervisors, and occupational safety officers.

Content of Training Course

Labour Protection as Part of Organisational Safety

  • different areas of organisational safety
  • organisational safety management
  • risk management
  • measuring company’s vulnerability

Safety Culture

  • organisational culture
  • safety culture
  • the challenges and benefits of safety culture

Organisational Behaviour

  • the basics of organisational behaviour
  • changes in the working environment
  • organisational structure; then and now
  • organisational communication

The Meaning of Well-being at Work

  • the basics of well-being at work
  • work motivation and mental resources
  • stress management
  • differences between individuals


  • orientation
  • occupational instruction and guidance
  • the benefits of orientation

Group Dynamics

  • working in a group
  • team spirit in the workplace
  • leading a group

Measuring Occupational Safety

  • work accident measurements
  • sick leave measurements
  • proactive measurements
  • financial effects of occupational safety