This training course is provided according to the 3rd edition of the SFS 6002 Safety at Electrical Work standard. The training course focuses on instructions regarding live working, including live working inspection, safety procedures, and environmental circumstances.

Attendees are asked to bring their own live working protective equipment ( EN 531 clothing or EN 11612)

Target Group

Live Working training course is intended for anyone who works in live working areas and systems with less than 1000 V, where they are closer to exposed live parts by less than 20 cm. Attendees must have a valid Safety at Electrical Work card EN 50110.


  • Mounting an Output to Live Centre
  • Replacing a Relay
  • AMKA Work
  • Work on a Fuse Switch Disconnector Box

Attendees who pass Live Working training course are issued a live working card which is valid for five (5) years. The live working card is delivered in a few weeks after passing the training course.