Supervising is all about management, and good management requires the supervisor to be present, have time for employees, take responsibility, deal with issues, and have the ability to make decisions. In turn, good management creates a positive atmosphere and encourages employees to excel at work. Supervising and management skills should be updated from time to time, because a thriving company is also efficient; according to estimates, one euro invested in well-being at work can return as much as six euros. Management is also needed during a state of change where openness, good communication, and decision-making are emphasized.

Target Group

Management and Supervision coaching is suitable for new supervisors as well as for more experienced supervisors. As the content of a coaching is always customised according to the company’s needs, this coaching is suitable for managers and supervisors in all sectors.


Management and Supervision coaching is always customised according to the company’s needs. The themes of this coaching can be: management of a work performance, management of things, change management, people management, or evolving as a manager. This coaching provides information, tips, and thought for good management, brings clarity and confidence to your own work, and develops your interaction skills.