Proactive Driving (7 hrs) is the only mandatory training course in professional driver’s advanced training (35 hrs). Legislation regarding driving a bus or a lorry requires professional drivers to have professional competence. Maintaining professional competence requires 35 hrs of advanced training during a five-year period. The advanced training can be taken periodically. The only mandatory subject in advanced training is the training for Proactive and Environmentally Conscious Driving (7 hrs). Other professional competence can be acquired through some of our first-aid, emergency first-aid, and occupational safety training courses. The purpose of Proactive Driving training course is to ensure that the driver is able to identify risks, predict and avoid dangerous situations, and make their own driving more safe.

Target Group

This training course is intended for professional drivers who are required to take advanced training for professional competence of professional drivers of buses and lorries. This training course is also suitable for the average driver who want’s to impove their own safety as well as the safety of others by brushing up their driving skills. In addition, Proactive Driving training course supports new drivers in their learning and greatly helps more experienced drivers, as well.


This training course is given in accordance with the training programme “Proactive Training – Leave Elbowroom”. This training course is executed as classroom training completed with discussions, group work, and exercises. This training course doesn’t include pragmatic driving training.

  • Proactive Training – Leave Elbowroom
  • Introduction
  • Driving Preparedness and the Condition of the Vehicle
  • Driving Perception
  • Safe Distance
  • Driving Speed and Passing
  • How to Act in Dangerous Situations and to Minimize the Consequences of an Accident