Regulation on Professional Competence entered into force on 1 August, 2008. The purpose of professional competence is to improve the driver’s professional competence, hence improving safety in traffic and transportation as well as the driver’s abilities to do their work. Driving a bus or a lorry professionally is prohibited without professional competence. For certain training courses, it’s possible to receive and have your professional competence registered along with your card for an additional fee. You can receive professional competence after taking our certain first-aid, emergency first-aid, occupational safety, and proactive driving training courses.

Target Group

Baseline professional competence is required from drivers who have been issued the right to drive a bus on 10 September, 2008, or later, or from drivers who have been issued the right to drive a lorry on 10 September, 2009, or later. Baseline professional competence training is not required if you have been issued the right to drive a bus before 10 September, 2008, or the right to drive a lorry before 10 September, 2009. Professional competence for new drivers becomes valid after they have passed baseline training, after which professional competence is maintained with advanced training. Professional competence is valid for five (5) years at a time. During those five years, drivers must pass advanced training in order for their professional competence to remain valid.


The amount of training during advanced training is 35 hours in five years. The training must be given in periods of at least 7 hours at a time, and it may consist of theory training, driving lessons, or both subjects in compliance with directives. The only mandatory subject in advanced training is proactive and environmentally conscious driving training (7 hours). If you are professionally competent to drive both a buss and a lorry in their respective driving licence classes, you can maintain your competence in both driving licence classes by taking a one 35 hr advanced training course in 5 years. Based on the number of days in advanced training, you may apply for the continuation of your professional competence not earlier than 6 months before the expiration of your current professional competence. In this case, your professional competence is valid for 5 years from the current expiration date. An application sent before that date starts a new five-year cycle starting on the day you pass your last advanced training. If your professional competence has already expired, a new five-year cycle starts on the day you pass your last advanced training.