This training course provides basic knowledge on how to work safely at railroads and what instructions to follow, how to move around and work in a railroad area, and what are the hazards in a railroad environment. The training course has no starting level or previous qualification requirements.

The training course material consists of course material gathered by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA), which is handed out to attendees at the beginning of the training course.

Target Group

Railroad Occupational Safety training (Railroad Safety) is required from everyone using and working on railroad areas in the government’s railroad network on railroad maintenance ordered by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, which includes e.g. maintenance of the tracks, construction, and work that requires a permission from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. This training course is a good information package to anyone interested in the railroad system and to those working in its immediate vicinity for the recognision of the borders of a safe working area.


  • Governing the Railroad Network, and Authorities
  • Special Features and Hazards in the Railroad System
  • The Basic Concepts of a Railroad System
  • Defining Location
  • Working at a Railroad Area
  • Working at a Platform
  • Heavy Machinery at a Railroad Area
  • Introduction to Electric Railroad
  • What to Do in Case of a Danger or an Accident
  • Written Exam

Those who pass Railroad Occupational Safety training receive a railroad safety card which is valid for five (5) years. Your railroad safety card will be delivered to you within a few weeks from passing the training.