As of 1 January, 2020, Road Safety 1 training is available only as an online training course. The training course is available on

Road Safety 1 is a basic safety training course on roadworks, and was developed to ensure and maintain employee qualification in all roadworks conditions. According to Occupational Safety and Health Act, any work done in traffic areas is classified as dangerous work. General traffic causes danger at roadworks to both road users and employees, which is why only thorough and qualified employees are allowed to do and supervise roadworks.

Target Group

Road Safety 1 qualification is required by the Finnish Transport Agency from everyone performing roadworks on public roads. Road safety card is valid for five (5) years at a time. You may also receive professional competence through the training course. It is possible to receive Road Safety 2 qualification after Road Safety 1 training. It’s primarily intended for management, designers, and relevant authorities in charge.


  • Qualification Requirements for Roadworks
  • Obligations and Resposibilities of Highway Authority
  • Conditions of Roadworks
  • Hazards and Problems of Roadworks
  • Ensuring Safety with Traffic Arrangements
  • Safety in Machinery Hauling
  • Accident Preparedness
  • Occupational Safety in Construction
  • Exam