Road Safety Training Webinar

This training course is provided in accordance with Roadwork Safety Training for Lorry Drivers (TRAFICOM/ 39718/ 05.03.07/ 2020). The purpose of this training course is to promote road, traffic, and occupational safety of drivers’ performing roadwork. It’s possible to receive driver’s professional competence through this training.

Content of Training

  • Beginning of the Training Introduction to Roadwork
  • Hazards and Issues of Roadwork from the Driver’s Viewpoint
  • Traffic Arrangements at Roadwork Sites and the Driver
  • Safety Cooperation with Heavy Machinery Operator
  • Preparedness and Prevention of Accidents
  • Occupational Safety Tasks from the Driver’s Viewpoint

At the end of the training course, it’s possible to take the Road Safety 1 training as as an online training course. The training course certificate can be printed out or saved to your computer. If you pass the training, you can order a competence certificate, Road Safety 1 card, in plastic from SPEK online store in