In order to succeed, companies need a clearly defined, thorough, unique, and informative strategy. The main point of a strategy is the way a company stands out from its competitors. Executing a strategy requires excellent communication skills, guidance and measuring, as failed strategy execution often results from an incoherent or complicated strategy or poorly executed communication. The whole organisation has to internalise the content of the strategy and be motivated to execute the strategy so that the execution is succesful. Time spent on strategy planning is time wasted if the company’s employees don’t understand or know what the strategy is or how to act in accordance to it.

Target Group

Strategy and Business coaching is suitable e.g. for company management, supervisors, and communication managers in all sectors. This coaching is suitable for companies that need help in creating a new strategy and for companies that seek guidance as to how to shape their existing strategies and improve their communication.


Strategy and Business coaching is always customised according to the company’s needs. The coaching may include the following: how a strategy is modified into more comprehensible, explicit, and simple form, how a strategy is succesfully communicated to employees and stakeholders, and how to commit employees to a strategy. The coaching may also include the ways in which a strategy is put to practice, what actions it requires to be taken in different areas of the organisation, and how it’s communicated. The coaching gives the capacity to create and put to practice a functional, comprehensible, and simple strategy. After the coaching, the company can define its strategy precisely and thoroughly and communicate it to the entire personnel and stakeholders in a balanced and understandable way.