A water work card is a competence demonstration certificate acquired from the competence testing of water supply plant personnel’s hygiene management You can participate in the competence demonstration of Water Work training course without any training, but it is generally recommended to brush up on the subject in water sector training seminars. No vocational qualification will exemp you from the competence demonstration. The competence-based qualification system is similar to the hygiene pass, required for handling foodstuffs. The qualification requirement for the water work card is based on the amendment to the Finnish Health Protection Law 285/2006 that entered into force in 1 May, 2006.

Target Group

This training course is intended for anyone who executes procedures affecting the quality of water and works at plants supplying domestic water, public swimming pools, spas, and such. The operator (water supply and sewerage plant, public swimming pool, spa, etc.) is responsible for making sure that the worker has adequate knowledge on water microbiology and water chemistry, water cleansing techniques, water usage monitoring, water quality legislation, and personal hygiene. In addition, the operator has to document their employees’ professional technical skills on plant technology and water hygiene, and they are required to provide the information to the municipal health protection authority, if required.


The training course is very pragmatic, because theory in itself does not put enough emphasis on the pragmatic aspects of working at a water supply plant. At the end of the training course, attendees take a water work card exam which is basically a written exam on your skills. If you pass the exam, you are issued by the examiner a certificate of skills demonstration which is valid for five (5) years. Competence-based qualifications examiners are approved by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).