Each member of a working community has to have working community skills, that is, e.g. listening skills and teamwork skills, and they should know how to give and receive constructive feedback. The members of the working community can on their behalf affect the way they work inside the community. Therefore, they should stop and reflect on and practice their working community skills from time to time. Working community skills may also be needed e.g. in a state of change or when there are visible changes to employees’ work motivation or behaviour. It’s important to practice your working community skills as they can increase the organisation’s efficiency and ability to innovate, improve time management and work quality, help in sharing tacit knowledge, decrease the need for monitoring by supervisors, assist in changes, and help getting new employees started in their work. In addition, one euro invested in well-being at work can return as much as six euros.

Target Group

Working Community Skills coaching is suitable for all companies in all sectors. The coaching can be used to maintain working community skills, during states of change, or when there are visible changes to employees’ behaviour or work motivation.


The content of Working Community Skills coaching is always customised according to the company’s needs. For example, the coaching can focus on giving and receiving constructive feedback, handling conflicts, and overall interaction skills. If there are motivational or behavioural issues inside the working community, this coaching can cover: ways of improving work habits, empathy, playing by the organisation rules, improving work attitude, commitment and motivation, and maintaining positive organisational identity.